Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas

Warning..this book is for mature readers!!
At the time I read this I was trying the world of Werewolves because I had read quite a bit of Vampires but this just wasn't a world I was interested after I finished reading it. I need a good story not just a juicy one. I felt it was missing something and relied too much on all the sex to carry the story. I don't think I will be reading the rest of the series which is HUGE by the way.


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  1. So sorry you didn't like the story, though the rest of the series is a lot different--the first book that you read is a actually a collection of short stories that originally sold as a serial from Changeling Press online. All the rest of the books in the series were written specifically for the print market and involve an ongoing plot and returning characters. You can read first chapters of each of the books at my website at

    And you're right--it IS a huge series. I'm getting set to write the twentieth book in it this week (counting the novellas in the Sexy Beast anthologies)

    Kate Douglas