Monday, November 16, 2009


Warning..these books are for mature readers!!
The Monere Series
1. Mona Lisa Awakening
2. Mona Lisa Three (anthology in Over The Moon)
3. Mona Lisa Blossoning
4. Mona Lisa Betwining (anthology in On the Prowl)
5. Mona Lisa Craving
6. Mona Lisa Darkening
Creative, Imaginitive and sexy. This series will make you warm all over. Lots and lots of sex in these books but also a wonderfully creative story. Sunny's world is fasinating with her shapshifters originally being from the moon which use to be a florishing planet with life and land before it became what it is now. I love these books.

The Demon Princess Chronicles
1. Lucinda, Darkly
2. Lucinda, Dangerously
This series is a spin off from The Monere Series. If focuses on Lucinda and the different Hells that are in the creative Moneres Series world. Lucinda is an awesome heroine in these books but I have to admit there is a little too much love spreading in this series. You have to read to find out what I'm talking about;)

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