Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wake / Fade / Gone by Lisa McMann

This was the first non-fantasy book series I've read and it surpassed my expectation by a HUGE margin. I was not expecting it to be so good. The writing is different then what I'm used to but didn't take me long to settle into a rhythm. From the begging of Wake you can feel the emotional tension between Janie and Cabel..aaahhh how I love him. He's not perfect but neither is Janie. FADE raises the emotional level so much hire than WAKE I can't imagine what lies ahead for me in GONE (release date 2/2009). This series will leave you with your heart racing.


The House Of Night by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast

1. Marked
2. Betrayed
3. Chosen
4. Untamed
5. Hunted
6. Tempted
7. Burned 4/27/10

This series is a little more provocative than other YA books I've read before. The whole consept of having to move into a school as you transition into a full fledge vampire is pretty interesting and grabed my attention from the very begining. Of course each book has it's own journey and I enjoyed them all but when the sixth book Tempted recieved some bad reviews I was contemplating on whether to buy it or not. But I always finish a book even when I don't like where it is going because you never know what can change in a story. So taking matter's into my own hands so that I can form an oppinion of my own I went out and bought it. P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast wrote this book in several characters POVs (the others are in Zoey's POV) and it wasn't as bad as I was hearing. Yes, what happens at the end is devastaing and Erik was acting like a total jerk but the journey was still exciting and interesting. So now I can't wait for the next book Burned to come out! I can imagine this world so clearly. It makes me want to be marked and have to live at The House of Night, except for the hole evil thing that's going on there. You'll see what I'm talking about once you get swept away into this series. And believe me... you will.


Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

HOLY SMOKES!! This book is so addicting. I couldn't but it down. I even locked my door so no one could disturb me. It's great, fantastic, exciting, sexy, and much much more..this is a definite must read!


The Vampire Diaries by L.J.

I picked up these books after learning it was going to be a TV Series and wanted to check out the original story. The first two books were good..not great but good. Then I got to The Return and I was like "What the Heck is going on here?" I wasn't lost but I think there were too many things going on and the two brothers loving the same girl sinerio got a little old by then so I just finished the book to complete it. I don't think I will pick up the next one. I might. Just depends what mood I'm in when it is release.

Holly Black

A Modern Fearie Tale
1. Tithe
2. Valiant
3. Ironside
These books gave me my first look into the dark, and racy side of YA books. I absolutely loved them but was surprised to see them labeled as YA. I wish Holly would continue on with Kaye and Roiben's story but she has no plan on it right now. Her new book White Cat will be released in May of 2010 and I cant wait for that.


The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Stories

This is a good book to take a look at when in search for different authors writing. After reading Kelly Armstrong's "Kat" she is now on my "Must Read List." I bought the book originally because I love Cassandra Clare and Holly Black but got some good glimpse into other series.


Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas

Warning..this book is for mature readers!!
At the time I read this I was trying the world of Werewolves because I had read quite a bit of Vampires but this just wasn't a world I was interested after I finished reading it. I need a good story not just a juicy one. I felt it was missing something and relied too much on all the sex to carry the story. I don't think I will be reading the rest of the series which is HUGE by the way.


Come and Get Me by Alyssa Brooks

Warning...this book is for mature readers!!

This book was fun and exciting to read. It's full of adventure and exotic places. You won't be able to put it down once you start..That's a promise.



Sherrilyn Kenyon

Warning..these books are for mature readers!!
I'm really excited to be adding Sherrylyn's books because I absolutely love them. Her book series hold a special places in my heart. She is a fantastic writer. Her books are funny, sad, exciting, witty and full of every emotion possible. I was laughing one minute and cry the next. It's a great roller coaster ride of emotions but totally worth it because the girl always gets the HOT guy in these books ;) You will just love all her characters and her stories are amazing and so imaginative. Check out all her books on her website. She has tons of books and series.
(FYI-As you may have noticed each title is rated seperatly. I have placed a R (for Rating) plus the number of hearts I would have placed there. This way I will not take up so much space.)

Dark Hunter Series /Were Hunter Series/ Dream Hunter Series
Reading Order
1. Fantacy Lover (R-5)
2. Night Pleasures (R-5)
3. Night Embrace (R-5)
4. Dance With The Devil (R-4)
5. Kiss of the Night (R-4)
6. Night Play (R-5)
7. Seize the Night (R-5)
8. Sins of the Night (R-4)
9. Unleash the Night (R-4)
10. Dark Side of the Moon (R-4)
11. Fear the Darkness (R-4)
12. The Dream-Hunter (R-4)
13. Upon the Midnight Clear (R-4)
14. Devil May Cry (R-5)
15. Dream Chaser (R-4)
16. Acheron (R-5)
17. One Silent Night (R-5)
18. Dream Warrior (R-4)
19. Bad Moon Rising (R-5)
20. No Mercy 8/4/10

Anthology for Dark Hunter Series

1. Bloodlite (R-3)
2. Dead After Dark (R-5)
3. Stroke of Midnight (R-5)

The League Series

1. Born of Night (R-5)
2. Born of Fire (R-5)
3. Born of Ice 12/1/09