Monday, November 16, 2009

D.H. Lawrence

Warning..These books are for mature readers!!

Lady Chatterley's Lover- Sexy, hopeful and makes you wish for a caretaker of your own :) It's about how a marriage can turn into a dungeon of hopelessness and how love can find you even if you're not looking for it. This is my favorite book from this author.
Rating - 4

Sons and Lovers- I think i could have gone without reading this book. Through out the whole book I kept telling myself something was off. Then I finished and was deeply disappointed so on further investigation, by turning to the very first page of the book, I found out is was his biography. I hate biographies!!
Rating- 1

The Rainbow- Takes you through three generations of a family, The Brangwens. It was mostly confusing and Lawrence has a tendency towards homosexuality in this and the sequel which is doesn't bother me but it just felt like it was misplaced.

Rating - 2

Women in Love- This is the continuation of The Rainbow and Ursula has found her true love but this is still brutally confusing because now not only does she get involved with another woman her true love Rupert is in love with a man at same time as he is in love with her..yikes my head hurts just remembering the story. The characters are so confused about who they are and what they want you are left dizzy.

Rating- 2

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