Monday, November 16, 2009

Anne Rice as Anne Rampling and A.N. Roquelaure

Warning..these books are for mature readers!!

You would figure I would have read her vampire series before anything else she wrote but as I was searching her name in the B&N site I found these book along with the others. What really caught my attention was that as I continued my research into her books on her website I found that Anne does not list these book along with all the others. It made me wonder how bad could they really be that she won't even acknowledge then on her site. Well, I soon found out why as I heard the first chapter of The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty (the first of a trilogy). All I could say was WOW!! I have to get these books. I ordered the trilogy online right away and had them 2 days later. It's a truly amazing ride from beginning to end. Anne not only gives you a very good story by throws in a whole lot of hot and heavy sex. You have to read to understand my enthusiasm. I would just like to say that all the characters in this book are freaking HOT!! Anne Rice is a fantastic writer.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy
1 The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty
2 Beauty's Punishment
3 Beauty's Release

Rating- 5

This book is very suspenseful and mysterious. It will keep you guessing and thinking but along with those things comes a very controversial love story between 44 year Jeremy and 17 year old Belinda. Having some reservations in the beginning of this book but by the end you seem to understand and love these characters.

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