Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Danielle Steel

Marie-Ange's life is torn apart at age 11 by a tragic accident which leaves her alone to be raised by an aunt she's never met and moves to a country she has never been to. As she turns 18 she gets a visit from an attorney who informs her she is to inherit millions from her parents estate. She leaves behind Billy, her best friend, to travel back to France where she was born. Then to find, Bernard, a loving and adoring man who isn't all he claims to be. This story will make your heart race!


Vanished was absolutely shocking and infuriatingly heart breaking. As a mother I felt how sorrowful and frantic Marielle felt as her son goes missing. Survival and endurance of a tragic life fills the pages of this book. Full of tension and conflicting feelings, this was a bumpy ride to the end.

Rating: 3


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